I snuck out in high school one night when my parents went out for the night and on my way back home i rear ended them!


My parents were in a head on collision with my dads cousin. His cousin was intoxicated and a person in the cousins car died


my sister ran into my parked car because she seen a deer and it scared her... did about 1200 in damages


I rear-ended my son in law in his brand new car. We were at a light turning left, it turned green, people started going, I looked down, they stopped, I didn't. Mother in law of the year here!!


my mom and husband ran into each other in our driveway


my one daughter hit my other daughters car in our driveway


my boyfriend and I were on our way to dinner, he was meeting my family for the first time, when we got t-boned by my older brother


my boss rear ended me as we were leaving work, I didn't even get a raise after that!


in college at asu I was going to las vegas with a group of friends when we were stuck in rush hour traffic and my friend rear ended me


one night I was headed to the liquor store.. There was a truck in front of me that looked like my brother in law.. He for some reason backed up super fast and hit my car. When he got out.. He said.. oh good it's you.. He paid for everything. . 


my husband backed into our other car on our way to church. Cursed the rest of the way to church lol both cars dented and scratched


when I was younger I backed into my moms car who was switching me so I could go to the club


I rear ended my sister on the freeway in Vegas. Someone cut her off, she threw on her brakes, I did too but couldn't avoid her.