I finally hung out with this bartender I had a crush on, went downtown and his response was, "it might be small but I know how to work it."

I met a guy who was wonderful in every way. Kind, sweet, respectful, and thoughtful. When it came to doin the dirty, I discovered that he had an itty bitty problem (if ya know what I mean). Like really really little. As bad as this sounds, I couldn't be with him because of it

I briefly dated a nice guy, but the first time I saw his member I found I was not sexually attracted to him.. at all because it was not big enough

i had a guy that was terrible in bed! He couldn't find a feel good spot if i gave him a map! Not to mention 30 sec later he was done

I dated a virgin and I took his virginity. We had sex twice and I ended it. I just wasnt at a point in my life to deal with teaching. I wanted an expert!

In the middle of getting crazy with my girlfriend, she stopped, looked at me, and said 'You really suck at this' and then left.

I had a guy that couldn't keep it up

first girl EVER just sat there while I did all the work, even when she was on top. Dated for a month only ever had sex once.

A guy I wanted to be with the timing was just off for years. We were both finally single and the first time, we had to stop in the middle and leave.

hot dog was still in bun and I was outta there!

the guy I dated screamed so loud during orgasim, I thought NEVER AGAIN!!! Never did

my ex husband sucked at sex. He was clumsy and did the same thing every time. You'd think after 9 years of marriage and a ton of porn, he would help but it didn’t

dated the sweetest funniest man, great kisser. When it came to sex he treated my who ha like a punching bag. Painful and not in a good way