We were told my husband didn't have cancer. Then the next day we were told just kidding he does have cancer!

I bought my dream car, two weeks later I found out that I wasn't approved for the loan. So I had to give it back to the dealership.

I moved from Logan to Salt Lake for a new career position and only worked there one and a half days

good news - she said yes when I proposed. Bad news - she slept with at least 12 men while I was at work

Found out i was pregnant, followed by "you will miscarry".

good news, you're vasectomy is done. Only to find out we're expecting!?? What the hell did they snip!!?

we are trying to qualify to buy a home we are told by our lender that everything's good to go we can have the down payment financed everything we ge t to the point where are ready and all the sudden we don't qualify but nothing has changed in our income or credit or anything like that.

I married the women of my dreams then found out she was born a man.

I was promoted to assistant general manager 1 week and fired two weeks later. Hate them!!