Got cold feet, dropped outta paramedic school, became a cop

I ran into my high school sweetheart years after high school and he spontaneously asked if I wanted to go on a cruise with him. I got cold feet and I still think it was the biggest mistake of my life

My boyfriend and i were going to buy a house together and i walked out when they asked me to sign.

Was planning on moving to Phoenix got to Las Vegas and turned around.

I bought a ticket to fly to Thailand to meet a guy I had only met online. Sister talked me out of it. Totally canceled that flight..

I got cold feet going through with my divorce. Still don't know is that was the right choice.

My fiancé called off the wedding the night before!! And what sucked is it was a temple marriage so I was wearing the G's already.

Called my recruiter the morning I was supposed to enlist in the Army and changed my mind.

When I was 18, I'm the middle of signing for a brand new car, I freaked out, started bawling and left. Pretty sure the sales lady never lived that down

I was at orientation for nursing school, and I realized I didn't want that as a career after 3 years of working to get in

We had an offer in on a house and got cold feet.

I was going to move to New York to be a nanny. The family was lined up but I didn't do it because my mom was nervous and that made me rethink. I wish I had gone

Divorce papers. A few years ago my husband and I mutually decided it was best for us to divorce. after the long process of drawing up the paper work we both decided we just couldn't. We are still here and happy together :)

I was supposed to join a medical practice in Connecticut after finishing school. I had driven halfway across the country before I called to let them know that I would not be joining.

One week before my boyfriend was to move here, from Scotland, I called him and told him not just wasn't going to work....