I walked in, my little dog is right there and i trip over her, do a little flip and sprain my ankle

I slipped down one single stair and ended up on crutches

I have a Teacup Yorkie, was walking down the stairs, the dog got in my way.... I fell down the stairs, head threw the wall and broke my collarbone!

I was reaching for cleaner under the bathroom sink and hit my elbow. After it being swollen and not being able to touch it for three months I went to the doctor and he told me I was lucky it wasn't worse or else I'd need surgery

I told my sister I could shower really quick while her curling iron was heating up. I slipped getting out if the shower and get curling iron fell on my arm.

There was a hot pan on the counter and without thinking, I leaned across the counter to grab something. I got a huge burn on my stomach from it

I slipped off my bottom stair at home and broke my foot. Had to get pins and all!!

Slipped on my stairs and re broke my tailbone couldn't sit for months for more than 4 min

Accidentally knocked a frying pan off the stove it was about to fall on my dog so I smacked it out the way. Got a 2nd degree burn on my hand.

I shave off bits of my fingertips on a regular basis while peeling potatoes with a peeler.

I dropped my cell phone on my face cut my lip open two stitches later I have a cool scar.

My dad hot glued his eye shut. Gluing something on the ceiling. Not good

Shaving my legs. Reached up to scratch my face, used the hand holding the razor, and nicked my face BAD. Stupid.

My friend missed the last step in her condo & shattered the two bones in her lower leg. She now has 3 titanium plates & 14 screws. Ouch!!

I was carrying my sleeping daughter to put her downstairs and my back heel slipped from underneath me and went down about 8 or 9 steps. Keep in mind the steps were laminate wood and I had socks on! Yeah.. Stupid injury!!!!

I slipped on the icy drive way while trying ro get to my car. Broke my arm and got a body nose at age 16

Socks and plastic runners on steps don't work; ate it in front of on laws and wife pulled quad and bruised man hood lmbo. Total curly moment

Hubby was out in the yard ran to pick something up in the yard blowing away. Slipped in a puddle in the grass into the splits and tore his hamstring off the bone and ended up in surgery!

I broke my leg jumping into a bean bag!

This just happened on Saturday: I have a little patio side table, the top is made out of two tiles. I tipped it upside down not knowing the tiles weren't glued on and one of the tiles fell right on my toes! It got my big and second toes. They are all black and blue bruised they feel like they are broken

The second night of being married I tripped over my suitcase I had packed for our honeymoon. I face planted it into the carpet and got a big rug burn on my knee. I now have a scar.

My bathtub/shower is a big deep jetted tub with a glass enclosure around it with a big step up and even deeper stepping out... I opened the door and went to step out one morning... and my inside foot slipped... and I landed one foot in one foot out and slammed my bare crotch on the aluminum railing of the door... I cut myself pretty bad (like I gave myself an episiotomy with out having the baby!) but was way too embarrassed to go to the hospital... I just laid there and cried and had an ice pack for a few days SOOOOOOO MAAADDDD!!

We were getting ready to go out for the night and had already had a couple drinks. I was wearing stilettos and somehow managed to slip as we were walking out the front door where there was hardwood floor. I tried to catch myself and my husband said I looked like I was river dancing and when I finally fell to the floor I broke my tailbone! And we still went out that night and I was miserable! Still to this day it gives me problems!

My wife sprayed cleaner in the bathtub and forgot about it. I got in the shower slipped and hit my foot on the plug that sticks up. I bent the drain plug and my foot is still swollen. Too embarrassed to go to the Dr.

My mom got her diamond ring stuck on the hinge of the door as she was walking. Pulled her shoulder and had to get a new setting with her band. Happened 6 yrs ago. She's had to get cortisone shots and still has problems today lol

Prior to getting dressed...My brother-in-law was ironing his pants and dropped the iron on his wiener.....
My Husband decided the floor needed waxed he used Pledge, when my foot touched the floor I did the splits

My dumb injury around the home was I curling my hair in the nude and accidentally dropped my curling iron and it hit my boob and burnt my nipple I have blisters for weeks. In my defense I had a cast on my arm when I was trying to do this