The month sticker was a little worn off on our car and we got a warning ticket saying to get it replaced.... REALLY?

I got a parking ticket for parking more than 12 inches away from the curb $25

Got a parking ticket for expired plates when they weren't expired!

I got a ticket for parking in the fire lane. There were two flecks of red paint on the curb it was so worn out and old it hadn't been painted in years. Not to mention the fire hydrant was 15 feet off the curb. You couldn't even see it or tell. Jerks!

I was in my truck parked the wrong way on the street so facing traffic and they gave me a ticket while I was sitting in my truck for parking the wrong way

I parked in a private lot for the SL art fest last year and my friend pushed in tbt money into the slot and I came back and had a $50 ticket!! No number to call or way to fight it. I had no receipt so no way of proving it. So pissed!!!

I pay 95 dollars a month to park downtown in one of the monthly lots. I got a 50 dollar parking ticket in my lot for parking on the line.

I got a ticket for no front license plate. Nobody has those on their cars!!!

I work downtown and I've gotten a ticket for the year sticker being faded and parking to close to a drive way. But it wasn't even a working drive way! Too close to a crosswalk and and too close to a traffic light! And a ticket for an expired plate that wasn't even expired! They are crazy! I've fought most if them and haven't had to pay!

Got a ticket for parking to close to a fire hydrant, but the curb wasn't painted red was parked 10 feet behind fire hydrant WTF! 30 bones

The businesses in downtown need to complain about these ridiculous parking rules. I'm fed up with the parking authority and now I schedule all client meetings outside of downtown. I haven't had an appointment downtown for client meetings in over a year now.

I got a ticket for parking too close to the corner on 400 South and 400 West. I work in the building and took 5 minutes to run in to grab something came out had a boot on my car. Never had a parking ticket before. Funny thing is there were two people sleeping on the ground next to my car. You can sleep/loiter too close to the corner but not park?