had a friend marry a rich guy she turned into a bitch and snobby

My best friend he is so whipped he can't even go watch a game without asking permission and usually his wife says no

my wife. She was against hunting before she met me. now she is a hunting fanatic. Awesome.

my coworker met her boyfriend became engaged and has abandoned her family and her friends only hangs out with his family hope it is worth it

My step mom changed into Cinderella's step mom as soon as she married my dad. A total 180! My dad was getting ready to divorce her, but then he died.

My buddy charles and me were like two pees in a pod and once he got his girlfriend he totally changed like he started throwing away his close friends

I had a buddy who was not at all religious, but when he met the woman he married he became religious and judged everyone around him drove a lot of his friends away

My son has gone to the dark side of wife!! He's not the same person at all....