A nurse didn't chart the insulin given to my grandma, so the next nurse gave it again and killed her. My mom chose not to sue the hospital. Forgave them

My mom forgave the hospital after not properly cleaning tools used for her 7 month olds open heart surgery. Caused an infection and he passed away.

I forgave my brother whose actions where the catalyst that brought on my mother's death.

my mentally handicapped aunt was murdered by another mentally handicapped man. You cannot hold a grudge against someone like that

A very good family friend ran over my 4 yr old nephew. .freak accident. There was absolute forgiveness from the second the accident happened

my uncle was killed in 1970 by 2 drunk teen drivers. My g-ma sat down with them n their families and told them shes forgiven them n will not press charges

my cousins husband killed her with a baseball bat, dumped her body in a dumpster and only served 5 years. his children all forgave him