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Did you find out someone had lice after you were at their house?

Posted July 31st, 2014 @ 2:05pm

when my sister was in elementary school she kept getting lice and we couldn't figure out where was coming from. Turns out it was the girl sitting behind her

my ex bro-inlaws family has had lice in their house for years. The grandma has it and wont do anything about it. My niece brings it home all the time.

I had lice for over a year in elementary school, my sister also got it and my mom even took us to a doctor.

Just found out two days ago my niece has lice. My little boy just happened to be at their house that day. I'm freaked!!

my sister sent her daughter to her friends house and her friend KNEW that her daughter had the lice.

my nephew got it at church after there was a lice outbreak in nursery

when my sister was in elementary school she kept getting lice and we couldn't figure out where was coming from.

When my son would go to his dads when he was younger and he got head lice twice and I caught it before come in the house and they I shaved him bald

I'm an elementary teacher and I had a student who had lice three different times in a year.

doing daughters hair for 1st day of k! Found lice. I had to send her to school. As soon as she got home I decontaminated the house. No1 got it thankful.

my son had lice, didn't know until his hair grew out and I saw the egg sacs! I have no idea how many people we infected! Great mom moment!

My brother had this nasty girlfriend who started living with us in our basement. A week after she moved in, a lice and bedbug infestation broke out

I used to work at a private boarding school for troubled teens. One girl came in with lice and didn't know spread campus wide. FORTY teenagers

when my kids were in elementary some other kids went to grandmas and got it from their cousins. mom claimed she didnt know, sent them to school.

had a childhood friend that would CONSTANTLY give me head lice, I have coarse, thick curly hair...AND HER MOM WAS A HAIR DRESSER!!! Ugh!

I'm a hairstylist, my new boyfriends mom called me to tell me that her daughter has lice and she wanted me to cut her hair short so its easier to get out

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