In magna. Felt it. Freaked my kids out. TV went off and everything shook.

Jess I live across the street from you we so though the same thing Kevin did! I almost cried!

Felt the quake West Jordan!

I felt it! Sounded like someone broken in through our window. Hubby thought it was my "ghost paranoia" and didn't believe me til the news came on

Was standing in my room and heard the closet door and window shaking didn't feel anything

I am in sandy and felt it. It felt like someone slammed all the doors in my house at once. It was crazy

I live in daybreak and we felt the earthquake. We were in bed and the beds started shaking. My kids ran in slept with us that night.

I felt the earthquake and it sounded like thunder but my daughter didn't even notice. We were sitting on our couch on the third floor of our apartment complex in West Jordan