The wind literally ripped my work door off its hinges we were freezing all day until somebody came to fix it

The wind blew over my fence, letting my Shihtzus escape out the doggie door and out of the backyard. They roamed the streets until they were picked up

I saw a lady pulling in her trash cans the wind caught the lid and a smacked her right in the face.

I work at ihop in West valley, and they needed a manager for the day at Jordan landing. I get here at 550am and the door isn't open....turns out the wind blew so hard and jammed the door, so the cook left and now I'm here stranded!

Brand new patio set was tipped over. Glass everywhere!

My poor little 10 pound dachshund was trying to squat for potty and the wind blew him over. i felt bad but was laughing so hard... poor guy!