I drove a drunk friend home on a suspended license (it was suspended for speeding tickets) and got pulled over for a "missing" light on the license plate 


grandma dying of bone cancer, baked her pot brownies to help with the pain.


 I called CPS on my brother and his dumb girlfriend. They ended up losing their kids. We don't talk anymore.


called the cops on my brother inlaw for breaking into our house while I was home sleeping


When I was in high school I befriended a girl everyone hated and teased, because she was pregnant. She's still my best friend to this day.


husband worked at a dealership. The service department would change the contact information for anyone that didn't get good service so they couldn't be contacted for a survey. My husband didn't feel that was right so he wouldn't do it and ended up being fired



 I was in law enforcement and wifes father asked me to testify in court about my wifes mother in court for getting alimony when she lived with her new boyfriend. I wasnt going to lie and i had a duty where i was a sworn officer. Her whole family hates me other than her dad.


I called dcfs on my mom for doing drugs with my 5year old brother in the house. It was hardest thing I've ever done but my mom got clean for good


My friends and I lobbied and passed legislation in Utah allowing for a medical treatment made from cannabis extract. Talk about an uphill battle. ;)