My so called friends butt dialed me after we had just talked and I heard her telling her ex husband how I'm annoying

My ex-boyfriend that I was dating for three years called me fat. I change my number and haven't talk to him since.

my ex cut me out of her life because i told her that i didnt want to get married just yet and that i wanted to wait to have kids for a couple of years

Older couple told my wife that our kids r to bad and that's why no one invites us to their house. Snip, snip

friend told another friend i deserved being raped because i wouldn't put out. Never spoke to her again

 My best friend cut me out of her life because I'm not getting married in the temple

 ex BFF told ppl I used her for babysitting when my son was born...I said no every time she offered...haven't seen or talked to her in 11 yrs

had 2 buddies killed in a avalanche. Another buddy from our group of friends went to the media and spread lies about them. Haven't talked to him since.

my sister passed away and we didn't know why, and a friend came up to me and said she heard she OD'd. Done!!!

My bridesmaid brought up my ex at my wedding. Had to cut her out. really? Wrong place wrong time

my mom told my brother she wished she had aborted him like she had wanted to. Neither of us have spoken to her since. That was 2 years ago

my step sister disowned my step dad. We were fine until she caused a scene at my work, I work at a doctor office. I haven't talked to her in 5 years

my friend told people i supported him drinking and driving. He has no idea why I stopped talking to him.

I got pregnant my senior year of high school, my best friend told me if I don't give the baby up for adoption i'll never amount to anything

someone said no wonder my parents didn't want me. Because im adopted and we were fighting.

Best friend tried to split up my husband and me so I could be in a relationship with her and her boyfriend!

my mother in law hates me and has done mean things to me. The icing was she told my husband I was on drugs. We haven't talked to her in 8 years

 my ex was upset I didn't want to get back with him. Told me "f you, good luck with all your f buddies." yeah, we no longer speak

 my sister cut my whole family out of her life because the family didnt like her boyfriend

 Family friend who was like a sister and daughter to our whole family, started to blame me for her marriage issues

My family is very religious. When I got divorced my cousin and aunt told me I was going to hell and I chose my own damnation

my dad recently passed away. He was on his third marriage at the time. My step sister liked telling people that I wasn't his daughter

my now ex stepdad. Cut him out 3 years ago for not showing up to my graduation and his always bashing my real dad and talking down to me

asked my friend if she wanted to go to chippendales with me this year, and her hubby basically called me a slut....ummm don't need peeps that call me that

my best friend cut me out of her life because i said that she looked ugly in a leather outfit

 people started telling me my best friend from high school was telling people I couldn't accept her sexuality (not true), which I never understood why

my brother called me the "C" word. It's been almost 2 yrs since I have spoken to him. Sad thing life is far better without him

 I haven't talked to my sister in law in 6 years. I was going through a divorce and wanted it quiet, she opened her fat mouth and started telling everyone.

I had an eating disorder and bad depression in high school. Only a few people knew. Found out one of my "friends" was telling people. Haven't talked