My husband little sister and I went to jail for aggregated burglary. Worst year! My little sister was my cell mate and I could write my husband once a month.

My brother in law got caught breaking into cars with his father and son I think in bountiful, it made the news.

My grandma and great aunt were the accomplices in both crimes that Ronnie lee Gardner was convicted of. My aunt served time for her participation. They didn't have enough evidence to convict my grandma

I grandparents in Ohio have a cornfield that we were never allowed to play in, because in the inside of the cornfield is where they grew their marijuana. Every summer, they would take their marijuana that they've grown and then fly out to Florida to my uncles house and that's where they would distribute all the drugs. Let's just say, we don't affiliate with that side of the family. They are all a little kookoo!!

There's a family that is well known at retailers across the valley for shoplifting together. When I worked at Nordstrom they would take testers out of the cosmetic department.

I have an uncle who used to go out with his wife and pretend to be stranded on the freeway. When somebody came to help she would steal what she could out of their car while they helped my uncle.

I saw my old boss on the news. He and his wife kept it in the family running a massage parlor. He was security and cashier. She was in charge of servicing her clients. It didn't turn out to be a happy ending for them.

Not myself, but my other two brothers always go out to bars and rack up a huge, huge tab and walk out leaving a bunk credit card. Messed up! !!!!!!

My uncle and his son got busted for one of the biggest math lab down in the vernal area

My friends ex husband and his father robbed a pharmacy about 5 years ago, her ex then took too many pills and died and his dad was sitting in the hospital parking lot as he died. It was on the news.

My dad and his brother attempted to copy a car key and steal a car. It didn't work out.

My husband and I went on a burglary spree down in Provo with BYU housing. It was 4 years ago

My brother and I in high school walked into the back room of a Chuck E Cheese and took a bag of coins. Turned out to be 2000 tokens. We had a lot of fun playing those kids game all summer!
I worked a famous footwear 4 about 4 years I always saw parents using their kids as distractions so they could steal shoes or mothers and daughters working together to steal shoes it's ridiculous