I used to be a big drug dealer. My spouse has no idea about my past life.

Me and some friends found an abandoned house and trashed the place. Broke windows and smashed everything. Turns out it wasn't abandoned. Friend got caught. felony and ruined my life. Wife has no clue!

I robbed a motorcycle store. Backed my truck through the Window, grabbed two Street bikes and all the leather and riding gear. Did it twice. This was back in the late 80s

My ex did three years in the federal pen and he doesn't know that I know

I committed a kidnapping where someone owed $7,000---I also did a home invasion where we got money, weed and diamond rings. Worth altogether about $3,000

Stole 87k worth of dynamite served time and wife found out this year when we were trying to adopt a baby. Didn't go over well

My husband committed a federal crime in the '90s. I didn't know until the FBI knocked on the door 7 yrs later. He served 2 yes in Fed Prison.... Our baby was only 6 mo old when he went in..it was hard for all of us

I notify an oblivious spouse that they are denied for an apartment because of their spouse's background all of the time!

I stole about 100,000 in product from a government agency to feed my drug habit when I got clean I told what I had done and made it right but my husband knows nothing

My ex husband was a middle man in a huge drug ring where he would receive and send packages of drugs or whatever from post office boxes from SL to Ogden. He got caught when a package was intercepted in customs. I found out when the DEA came to our door, arrested him on the doorstep and searched our house while my babies were sleeping. We are both healthcare professionals and they found needles/syringes (that he stole from work) in the trunk of our car by the spare tire which was part of his steroid use/business that I also didn't know about. He spent the night in jail, and apparently had enough info to give keep him from any further jail time, or losing his professional license. I never asked how that happened--We separated and I moved out.