last year i was camping out in toelle and me and my niece came face to face with a bear and them we found a dead baby cougar by our campsite

our family friend got attacked by a bear here in ut. He curled in a bawl as the bear clawed him. If he wasn’t wearing sunglasses, he would have lost his eye.

my mom's cousin was attacked and killed by a black bear in Alaska in front of his cabin. His wife ran and took cover in their cabin

Girls Camp one year, a baby bear broke into our cabin, ate someone's toothpaste, peed on the floor, and left.

Friends came back to their campsite to find a bear sitting at their picnic table as if waiting for them to come feed him

hunting near a trail fell asleep and I wake up to sticks cracking and look up to notice I was between 2 cubs and the mom at 10 yards!!!! Had to go

Bear encounters. My older brother was camping and a bear came into camp. Everyone ran cause they were 8 yr old. But my bro tried to get rid of it

we were vacationing in NH & a bear managed to wander into the gated pool area and got stuck in the supply closet. They had to lure it out

 I was fly fishing in MT heard a snap behind me I turned saw a brown bear 5ft behind me. I stood still and then two cubs rolled down the mountain

 I was jeeping on Monte Cristo a couple of years ago when we crossed paths with a full grown adult grizzly bear. we were about 25 feet apart