i found i ring i had lent to my friend in her jewelry box after she had told me she lost it. Took my ring back and went home without saying bye.

 My boyfriends car was stolen outside our house. 5 days latter we saw 4 boys driving it around and started following them! We ended up calling the cops and did a stake out with them at the skate park where they had parked. It ended with a 15 cop car chase. Pulled the kids out at gun point and K-9 unit

my iPhone was stolen from the pool last summer, I got on KSL a few days later and found my phone!

my phone was stolen from a public restroom at UVU. The next day I noticed a girl in one of my classes with my iPhone when I confronted her she denied it
when I was a kid my dad found my stolen tricycle in our loser next door neighbors garage. He just walked in and took it back

my bishop car got stolen when he was 17. He went on a mission to Mexico he was in a cab & sitting there he saw a burn hole in the headrest that was his car

had my bike stolen from work and a week later I seen it in someone's yard so I decided to steal it back

 I broke up with a boyfriend who I was sure took a really awesome expensive blanket of mine. Sure enough, saw him and a new GF at the movie theater with it

my aunt works at a hospital, and she treated a guy who totaled her car that he stole.

my car was stolen. A week later it was parked at a restaurant a block away from my house. It was right next to a police car