I just came into $30,000 which is more than I have ever had him at one time in my life. And then federal government for Medicare wants it all.

I won a jackpot in wendover after taxes it was 26,501

I found 13,245 in a back pack up a canyon at a campground

My husband and I just came into some inheritance for the total of 1/2 a million dollars. Which we did not have any idea she was worth that much. She lived very frugally.

10 years ago my mother received $40,000 from her divorce in the same month she received $60,000 from her fathers will ...she is now broke & living with me :(

When my great grandfather died he left the entire family four properties that we could divide evenly. In order to avoid 40% inheritance taxes we formed an S type Corp and began liquidating the assets after 7 years. We just sold one of the properties for $879000. I don't get all of it but for a single mom with 2 kids and a full time job and full time school, that's a lot of money. Thanks Papa :)

I won $10,000 at work

I got 7000- tax season

Recently received 4, 000 from tax return! Feel like the richest girl ever!!

Quarter of a million dollars in various life insurance policies from the loss of a loved one, would trade it all to have them back!

I had an insurance pay out of 6 six figures for a car accident because the seat belt failed.

When my mother passed I inherited investments & assets worth about 1.5 million but no one else really knows the amount is that high!

My grandpa died and we found 80,000 hidden all over in the basement. Like in books took boxes etc

My wife's parents gave us 375,000 for our house. Total surprise

We won the lottery in Idaho in July. A million dollars, split between my husband and his dad. After taxes about $300,000. We bought a house and paid off all our debt:)

My father in law got almost $200k inheritance but his wife blew it all in less than 2 years, he's still working and has debt to to his eyeballs!

My dad won the second chance lottery in Idaho. He won 1 draw at $15,000 and the 3 draw at $1,500. He had A LOT of scratch tickets!!!!

husbands aunt win $320,000 . she had progressive at the nugget in Wendover , before they could take her picture the pit was full of sob stories trying talk to her...