had my shoulder dislocate during my free fall (skydiving) someone else had to pull my parachute. I still skydive


Friend of a friend took a 300 foot fall down in southern utah. Lived. Went back so same repel 1 year later to celebrate and conquer the repel!


when I was 7 I was bucked off my horse, then Trampled by him and almost died. I still ride horses


I had a friend that broke his leg cliff diving to the point they had to amputate under the knee. He goes back every year on the anniversary


crashed my motorcycle in June hand is not healed all the way, had internal bleeding, as soon as I can I will be back on one


i have been messed up riding quads. Crashed and totalled several, run over, hit, rolled. it's stupid but i love it. And i just bought a new bike today!


my friends wrecked their motorcycle bad for the 3rd time didn't break much (wore the right gear) and they keep getting new bikes. And going out.


my father in law almost died when he fell and broke both ankles ice climbing. He was back at it a year later


I was scuba diving and the tank ruptured on my back barely made it to the surface. Grabbed another tank and kept going


Some one I know is paralyzed from motorcycle racing and still does it has a special bike


I ride horses have had a few pretty bad wrecks ended up in the hospital but I'll never stop riding it is a part of who I am and I can't do with out it


I wrecked my 4 wheeler more than a few times racing and ended up in the hospital but I rebuild it and get back on it. It's what I live for