Three of my cousins...from Mikey to Michael - Kim to Kimberlee and Jen to Jennifer.

My name is Kenneth went by Kenny my whole life and now at work I go by Ken! Makes me sound older and more mature going by Ken!

Went by Jimmy my whole life. After I graduated college, I switched to Jim. Time to put on my big boy pants

My legal name is Katherine but I've been Kati my whole life. When I was 19, I decided to go by Kate because I felt like a little kid when people called me Kati. It's been 12 years and I'm STILL trying to get my bff to call me Kate.

My sister was Mandy for years. In her 20's she wanted to be called Amanda.

I changed from Katie to Kate after a rough time in my life. New chapter leaving the old name behind. New job made it easy to switch and eventually it just caught on

I knew a girl in school named Nikki. A fee years after High School it changed to Nichole and now her name is Lola.

My sister's name is Angela. We always called her Angie. She moved away for a little while came back and decided her name was Angel.

My friend went from Tony to Anthony when he met his wife

My son was Bud in elementary school, Robert in jr high and then Rob in high school. Still hard for everyone in the family to call him Rob

Going through elementary school I went by mikey and middle and high school I went by mike, but now I prefer Michael. My family and childhood friends still call me Mike. That doesn't really bother me but now if someone just assumes my name is Mike it drives me nuts
My best friend I met as Cassy. She still lets me call her that but she throws a fit at anyone else! "It's Cassandra!!"

A friend used to be Trisha. Now she is Patricia!! Ugh!!

My sister's boyfriend's name is David. Right away we were told we couldn't call him Dave. It had to be David.

I met my husband as Danny. We moved shortly after and now he has everyone he meets call him Daniel. It feels too awkward for me. I refuse to call him that.

My mom was Chris Browne her whole married life until all that scandal with Chris Brown the artist in 2008, she quickly when's back to Christine