My poor brother in law had it bad. We're taking.. running down the leg... There's no wonder he hasnt stepped foot into a gym since.

Military guys will poo their pants during pt

my ex wife was in a yoga class and half way through poo'd from explosive diarrhea. She was so embarrassed she quit that gym.

 I was doing squats, 2 plates. I was on my last rep and came up and booom everywhere in my pants instant smell but hey my stomach felt so much better.

 I totally sharted at mile 18 of a marathon, but I was on track for sub three hours, there was no way I was stopping to use the bathroom!

husbands best friend at Crossfit weighted squats= weighted shorts! He still goes to the same gym! No shame!

I "sharted" on the treadmill at the gym one morning after recovering from food poisoning. It was tough to "toot" with confidence for a week!

playing volleyball in a competitive league went up to spike the ball and crushed more then the competition. Jumped so hard that stuff jumped out