my dad said no to my ex-husband four times! He finally only agreed when I was pregnant. Probably should've listen to dad

one of my good friends got rejected by the dad and then they told him basically like a check list of things that if he does those and cleaned himself up and doesn't go back to jail then he could marry their daughter

My dad could not stop laughing when my hubby asked for my hand. My mom said that he meant ''yes''. My dad still has not accepted my husband 14 yrs later.

I haven't yet but the dad already said don't even ask.. I'm going over with Kevlar.

Asked my father-in-law. He said no. Told me I was a no good hick from Lehi that had no potential in life. We got married anyway

my neighbors boyfriend asked her dad for her hand in marriage and he said no... Then the boyfriend still asked her

My boyfriend at the time asked my dad for permission to marry me. I was in the room and my dad said flat out no. It was super awkward for a while

I had a friend who asked the dad if he could marry his daughter, he said no. He ended up getting her pregnant, then asked the dad, "How about now?"

ex husband asked my father for my hand in marriage my dad laughed in his face, he went ahead and propose anyway

My parents were completely in love with my sisters ex bf so when her next bf (dated for 10 years) asked my dad, my dad said "hell no". They still got married
my dad asked my grandpa for my moms hand and my grandpa looked at him and said no. He got up walked away, grandma had to tell him he had to say yes