My mom had a few lots of property in Yuma, AZ. She was too impatient and wanted to sell fast. If she had waited even a year she would have made at least a $500k profit, instead she only made an $8k profit.

I was so close to getting my dad's $250,000 inheritance. My (evil) step mom got it on a technicality. I was 16 when he passed away. It would have been in savings until I was 18.

1998 Godzilla just can out and Taco Bell was giving away a million dollars if you spelled Godzilla. Yes my friend and I got the winning Z. We spelled it. But my friend cleaned out the car and threw away the Z. The kicker was the trash day was off one day because of Labor Day.

My niece is kenzie hall from draper. She was one song away from making it to the top 13 on American idol this season !

Was Seconds away from winning $5000 on the Super Bowl until the safety play in 2013 Ravens vs Niners. Such a sad moment in time.

In Atlantic City playing the slots. One machine ate my money so I played a different machine. Old lady sat down on that machine...JACKPOT! Old Hag!

I got offered to be the trophy husband to a rich old lady. She was going to leave me everything.
My parents bought property in Herriman & sold 8yrs later. Made a profit of $100,000. Had they waited just 1 more year there would have been at lease 3 more 0's!

We believe my mom would have won the M&M's million dollar find the Grey M&M. She told us months later that she threw away a plastic Grey one

My dad had cancer insurance on my mom and decided to cancel it. Two months later she got cancer and they would have gotten 50 grand just for the diagnosis