My aunt posted on Facebook. So sad to see my mother leave us when she left their house and everyone thought she was dead. The missionaries showed up to their house


Someone posted on my aunts Facebook wall that she was sorry to hear about the passing of her dad. So I called my mom freaking out thinking my grandpa was dead. Turns out it was a different guy with the same name in the obituary


My brother and I didn't talk for years. He told some of our mutual friends from high school I died in a car accident. Then I ran into them a couple years later and the girl freaked out crying when she seen me.


My cousin spread all over face book that my grandma had past . And the next day I called my mom and she said she was alive at home. Then she past away week later


A coworker told us another coworker died. It was a total misunderstanding. The boss sent flowers to his family. He had to send an apology.


I thought my friends grandma (my great aunt) passed away come to find out it was her other grandma. So I had to call and explain to everyone I told.


My husbands sister was on an LDS mission in Texas (lives in Tonga) got really sick and another sister in Tonga said on fb the sister in TX had passed. My husband was devastated only to find out it was a lie. It was a long night!


I went to Peru for two weeks and at the same time I had deleted my Facebook account and one of my friends started spreading rumors that I had been killed in a mountain climbing accident people believed it for about three years


I was at a hs football game, another mom came up to me and said, "I'm so glad to see and so told me you passed away!" I said, "well...sounds like you didn't go to my funeral!" 


I died in a car accident when I was 17. This was before social media so this was all by word of mouth and flowers showing up at my house