I went in with appendicitis and they ended up taking out my gal bladder. They had to go back in to take out my appendix.

I went in to have my wisdom teeth out. I only had them on one side of my mouth. The surgeon cut the wrong side and my parents were livid! They ended up paying for my whole surgery with no cost to us because they messed up! Idiots

I had swollen lymph nodes most of my childhood so my doctor decided we should biopsy one to check for hotchkins lymphoma. They removed the wrong lymph node that was rarely the swollen one.

My dad went in for surgery and they put the wrong size knee in. He was complaining about the pain but the dr kept saying it was normal as normal it normal. Finally a year later they actually did something about it and found out they put in the wrong knee and he had to go through the replacement surgery again

My dad went in for shoulder surgery but they started on the wrong shoulder and finally realized After they open that shoulder up so they had to go back and work on the other one

When I was 6 I was pigeon toed & I was only going to have 1 leg done for the summer. When I woke up I had a body cast on from waist down & they decided to do both legs . Never asked my parents! We are sure they did wrong leg!

I went in for tendonitis surgery on my left wrist and they said carpal tunnel surgery on my right wrist

I went for a crown, so did the guy in the room next to me, dentist gave us both root canals on the wrong teeth

My sister went to the dentist and they pulled the wrong chart and pulled the wrong tooth!