I got distracted by a stupid drivers ed car. Looked forward smashed into a car and totaled my car.


I side swiped a truck watching a girl pleasure her self...... Totally worth it...


a street sign distracted me cause I was trying to find a turn and I swerved off the road and rolled 1 1/2 times


Was leavin my house about to get on the free way. Saw my boss driving away. Went to wave at him an rear ended an sequoia totaled my Acura.


I got distracted by a hot guy when I was 16 years old and I hit another man on his bicycle. My parents found out last year. I'm now 26


 I was staring at a guy I had a crush on. swerved. over corrected and drove into a ditch... in front of the guy!


My mom ran our station wagon off the road into the ditch because she was staring at a construction worker


My friend was staring at a Hummer in a sales lot on State street. Ending up rear ending 4 cars


I was following my friend and the guy I liked was following me. I was watching him through my rear view mirror and rear ended my friend at a stop sign.


driving through my neighborhood saw my neighbor is getting busy hit a parked car


my brother was driving on Daytona beach and checking out girls with his friends and rear ended the car in front of him



saw a little old man walking down the street and drop his pants then squat down and poop on the sidewalk!!



Chick with a nice torso and a huge ass jogging with shorts that have ass cheek hanging out got me to run a stop sign and I hit a cyclist 


 I grew up in the country. There was a fox that ran across the road in front of me so I watched it and that caused me to run off into the ditch.


caught my eye. While stationed in Italy, driving on the Autostrada, a super hot Italian man in the next lane was changing his shirt while driving!


Driving back from Alta, passing some condos and caught some sun bathers. Nipple And all. off the road.