My father in laws brother, sister in law and two children died in a horrible car crash a couple days before my wedding.


I did not want my mom at my wedding. She came anyway and my aunt was getting mad at me for not taking pictures with her. I started crying


My mother in law showed up hammered and stayed that way the whole time. She made a scene the entire time.


Best friend was MAD because where she was standing, people had a hard time seeing her.


my parents finalized their divorce 1.5 weeks before my wedding day. Talk about awkward family photos.


my supervisor just got married and a couple days before get big day her ex dies of an heroin overdose leaving 3 kids behind


my wedding day my bio mom I hate showed up


 I was married in January 2 years ago, on the day that proved to be one of the worst ice storms of Utah history. A lot of our family and friends couldn’t come


my friends family was decorating the church the night before the wedding, her mom fell off the ladder and ended up breaking her collar bone 


got married four days after 9\11 my sister who was my maid of honor was stuck in new york


Sis in law DESTROYED our car we specifically asked them not to walked out and my husband and I were both pissed. So rude


it was raining. My car got stuck in the muddy drive way. Everyone was already inside the temple with their phones off. I had to push it out myself.


One of her brothers got drunk at wedding. Tried to fight me. Did damage to hotel and almost got us kicked out

My mom purposely tried to ruin my wedding day. She kept making rude comments to my sis in law to be, rude to the groomsmen and guests 


 Brother refused to go to wedding because he didn't approve also tried everything possible to stop it


got married on the beach out at Kennedy Space Center in Florida - very small simple ceremony with just immediate family - Poured torrential rain 


My dog of 19 years had died a week before my wedding


10 drunk groomsmen who hated each other. Giant brawl at reception. Started with groomsmen, ended w/ brides uncles kicking ass and taking names!!


 the night before the wedding bride went crazy and called the grooms siblings and un-invited them to the wedding. Groom had no idea


 Two days before my wedding the groom cheated with a coworker, and I found out about it when she showed up to the reception and let the cat out of the bag


 grandmas boyfriend proposed in front of all the guests at my wedding... She said no and everyone felt extremely awkward


My maid of honor who is my husbands sister got wasted before our ceremony, started crying and telling my husband how he'll never find someone good


went to a wedding where the bride choked on the wedding cake. The groom had to do the heimlich, and then cpr. They spent their wedding day in the er.


Gam Gam died 3 days before the wedding. 


my Friends mom died on her wedding day suddenly of an aneurysm early in the morning


mom went crazy. Changed my wedding cake and didn't let me have a father-daughter dance/ first dance. Still mad about it


Zht My aunt who was about 40 yrs old died in her car on the way to my cousins wedding from an allergic reaction to something.