Was dating my now wife. We were on the couch making out...my cat jumped up on the arm of the couch and sprayed diaharea all over her.


my sister wore my dad's underwear once on accident. They were male bikini. When she first found out she was mortified, but now we can laugh about it


Was arrested and put in to jail while a missionary in the MTC


I ripped a mirror off a rental car while on vacation.... Not funny... $500 to fix it.. Not funny. Looking back now, it's pretty hilarious! Especially since we still had a few days of vacay and we just duck taped it back on.. Shattered glass and all!


wrecked the drivers ed car into a field while racing one of my buddies in other drivers Ed car...could have easily died. Peed my pants ...literally



I gave my sister my fish because I was tired of always cleaning the tank. She took them home but forgot them in her car and they froze overnight!


a co worker and I were joking around via email. I accidentally sent my email to American express, a major client at the time. 


Went to the farmers market, 2 men wearing huge snakes around their necks. Deathly afraid of snakes, passing out at the park, funny now!


My aunt climbed in my uncle's casket for one more make out session, cause his last fling was there at the funeral. Not funny at the time but kinda funny now


wife scared me in the shower and I screamed like a little girl. She has always thought it was funny


10 years ago I lost 750 dollars out my window driving down the I15. Worst part it wasn't all mine my two roommates were super pissed now we laugh


when i sharted in my white shorts at a family reunion.


in high school my hair caught on fire from a Bunsen burner in chemistry class. There were rumors at the end of the day that I went bald but in reality you could barely even tell that any my hair was burned. It was so embarrassing


My friend at work made me laugh so hard I peed in her cubicle. ..and than I was laughing about that I started farting

I rear ended a cop when I was 16. It wasn't funny at the time, but now it is


nationally televised football game. .. running on the field I tripped on the turf fell hard. Wasn't funny until I saw the camera was on me on tv.


I got super drunk and got kicked out of a club so my friends took me home where I threw up in the front yard and confessed my love to my neighbor