Car salesman.... I was looking at a car I really like. The salesman told me that he dropped the price and that I could take it for the day to think about it. While researching the car on bluebook etc. comes to find out they had the car on their website listed $2000 less than what they told me. Nice try.

In Brazil several times when purchasing supplies and things I needed for work the employees will try to cheat me out of things speaking Portuguese and not knowing that I understood everything

My house is for sale. A couple came to our home, with our kids. Offered us more than asking and wanted to buy the furnishings and bragged about how rich they were. Then they said they wanted to move in before closing. It turns out this couple has tried to steal from many houses in the area. By the way, the house is worth 1.5 million. They actually thought that we would let the move in before they gave us money.

Same thing as Frankie. I was buying a house contingent on inspection. Ended up being plumbing issues. Could have been $30 or $60,000. I backed out.

My fiancé and I just bought a truck we went out of town to get it. I wish we looked Better into it before buying. All kinds of hidden problems

Weed dealers. Nuff said. But they always try to short it when you dont see them weigh it