Someone stole photos from my blog and created a fake profile (luckily not in my name) on a dating website -A friend found it and the website took it down after I filed a compliant

I model and someone took a photo of me and used it for a dance magazine and my mom found it at her dentists office

Four years ago took my daughter to get baby pictures. This particular one she didn't have clothes on. A year later we saw it at take Layton hospital blown up on take wall! Never gave her permission

My friend had a picture stolen off of Facebook and a fake profile made saying she was a stripper in Vegas as her occupation- Amber

Someone used my senior pictures for an ad for a modeling agency. I complained but they didn't do anything so I just dropped it

I'm a (female) recruiter for the Army National Guard. Some foreigner posed as me of Facebook and was sending a bunch of middle aged foreign men dirty messages! I found out when one of them sent my actual page a message! Ew!

A couple of years ago when my daughter was in preschool The teacher would post pictures of them doing crafts and hearts and those photos were found on two different websites back east and in Canada promoting their preschools