I met that butcher! He says stuff about juicy thighs too


My brother in law said my husband must experience real porn with me every night and how great it must be... Creepy weirdo!


2 of my associates asked if I like it from the "back door". I was shocked, speechless.


I works at a book store and had a guy asked me if I had any good sex book recommends.. My boss was close and said what is it your not good at


I was at a club and this guy notices the good time I'm having and asks if I'm ovulating. Ugh


My dad hits on girls my age and doesn't even realize he is making them uncomfortable. So awkward


I was dressed as a skeleton for Halloween and had to run to the store and some creep followed me for a while until he asked if he could jump my 'bones' with his 'boner' he even used hand quotations. Awful.


I have a co-worker that constantly comments on my red hair. He told me a few days ago he wishes he could play with it. Umm. Not creepy at all!


My friends grandma told me that I had bedroom eyes and touch my arm while saying it.....gross...


I was in our copier room, on my knees, typing on the typewriter and our Executive Director came in and said.... "while your down there....." I went BRIGHT RED!!!


When I was pregnant a guy I worked with said to me "when my wife gets pregnant I hope her boobs get as big as yours!"


This gay guy who hangs out with my group of friends is always asking me why I'm straight


I had someone ask to feel my boobs because they were the size that she was getting the next week.


I was wearing an owl necklace and an old man came to me and said nice hooters. Gross... I am half your age mcnasty.


I was told by a polygamist that I make good looking white babies... And that I was the type of wife his son should be looking for


I am a collector and a guy talking about his penis size how unsatisfied his wife


I had a coworker invite me to sit on his lap and see what pops up


I was at a party when a man wearing a very interesting shirt walked up to me. He said do you like the flames on my shirt? I wore this because you're so hot!


Working as a receptionist at 17 old man says wow you have an amazing rack! It really is just so nice. Ew you are older than my grandpa!


My friend husband told me dang you Boob's are huge right in front of her..


When I was in high school I worked at a full service car wash and this probably 70 year old woman walked out to get her car and I asked if there was any thing she wanted me to touch up and she said if I give you 100 bucks would you touch me up... I was frozen. But in hind sight I should have said yes $$$


My uncle hit on me after my aunt's funeral saying, "if I were twenty years younger do you think we would have had a chance to be together?" I was dumb founded! Creepy, totally stayed away from him my whole life after that!


I was working at a small town hotel at the front desk, I had a regular customer come in handed me a mini bottle of jose cuervo and said "you know which room I'm in." Gave me a wink and left. Very uncomfortable.


Inappropriate comments: I had a friend at a party ask me if I ever was interested in using my colostomy hole for er... alternative purposes.


A guy in my nursing class said he wouldnt mind giving me an enema....creepy


Our co-worker kept telling us all about the fetish convention and about he was saving for a vasectomy. Super awkward.


I put on hand sanitizer at work and this co-worker looked at me and said, "looks like lube huh? Haha" but creepy! Ewww..........


Former boss brought up the show sister wives and told me I could be one of his wives, but I wouldn't be the one to to do chores or watch kids...I'd be one to "have fun" with


My in-law asked my wife and I "how was it" when we got back from our honeymoon. We were speechless