My husband and I just bought a 5bedroom 4 bathroom house that is under 10 years old. My brother said to me, ya, we're going to start house hunting soon, but we want something a little nicer, we don't want a starter house like yours

Had a woman make a comment about a new jacket pocket I didn't hear what she said and she responded "when you buy better quality clothes they stitch the pocket shut".

I once overheard a boss say how it was really hard for them to travel to places where there was a lot of poverty so they tried to avoid places like that... Wow.

A client at my work was upset she couldn't get a massage an ranted for 30 minutes how she is training her daughter to be an Olympic champion and I have no idea how valuable her time is

My friend won't go to any restaurant under 4 stars quality and whenever I suggest a restaurant she will look it up online just to see how many stars it has

I work with software engineers and almost everything they say is pretentious lol. There is also one guy when you meet him he announces his paygrade and then asks your paygrade

When we first moved into our neighborhood there was a town meeting and somebody asked everyone to raise hand if they had a boat. My dad was thinking "what the crap kind of question is that?" They later found out that they moved into the type of neighborhood where it matters what things you have. And because we don't have a boat we don't get invited to many events.

My husband and I are looking to move and I was telling someone at my work about it and telling him the areas we are looking at and he said "well, you should just make sure you live on the east side cause south Jordan and riverton are on the west side...."

I work at the Dollar tree. An acquaintance of mine said, "I'd never be caught dead shopping there, how cheap!" I replied, "Aww, ur too good to save money.

Talkin about her granddaughters pictures and I say we just got our kids pics done also. She says oh no we got hers done by a PROFESSIONAL! Uh well yea!?!

My ex husband had a cousin that was having a bday party for his two yr old when i asked what the boy would want or need the dad said he will only wear levis

My best friend is dating a total db. His family has money and likes everyone to know it. The first time I met him he told me he grew up in VA. When he met my husband he said he grew up all over the place. I called him out and said "No you grew up in Virginia." He responded "Well summer is 180 days to go where ever you want. So we traveled all over the place and lived all along the east coast. But the family house is in Puerto Rico" What are you even talking about dude?

I had lost my seasonal job and my wife's good friend was able to hire me on at a fast food restaurant she manages. After about a month she asks my wife. "How do you afford to pay your bills off of his paychecks, mine are much bigger"