my brother for gasoline in his eyes at the gas station & he ran inside and no one helped him. Didn't even point him to the restroom

In third grade I tripped and split my knee open, I was bleeding all over. I went to tell my teacher but she was talking to another teacher- she held up a finger to me to wait and even though I was crying and had blood everywhere she wouldn't help.

 I rolled my company truck and my manager would not let me go to the er room until after 8 am and filled out paper work.

I was riding my pedal bike down the sidewalk on a steep hill and a man was in the way so I went to get off and flew over the handle bars and wiped out in front of him. He didn't even look at me and kept walking and I had roadburn down my entire back.

I was out with friends a girl about 16 passed out a few yards a head. I ran to go check on her, as I was running the security guard just walked past her.

 I was at a trampoline park I was doing just a simple handspring full into the foam pit. i land on my ankle wrong and it started swelling up like a balloon. The workers there wouldn't help me out of the foam pit. They said they couldn't touch me

Work in HVAC Guy at my work fell off roof and broke both legs and bleeding bad. Nobody wanted to pick him up and put him in the truck

my friend collapsed at a mall and as ran toward her the security guard that was on patrol glanced at her then just kept walking.