My ex secretly taped us having sex. When we broke up he played it for my family. And two weeks later I found out he sold it to a porn site.


The first guy I was ever intimate with recorded us doing the deed and I had no idea. Couple weeks later I went to his house and all of his friends were watching the video with him. I was humiliated!


My "best friend" recorded me hookin up with the guy I was dating(sound not video, the lights were off). I was drunk and didn't realize it Till he played it later for all of our friends. Haven't had any respect for him since.


My friends hubby recorded her going poop and told her he's saving it as ammunition for when and if he needs it.


I recorded a woman on an airplane this past weekend. She was a few sheets to the wind and rocking out on the plane....singing and dancing. She busted me but I have been showing all my friends and coworkers. It's hilarious.


My daughter is getting bulled at school and she recording all the fights and the kids dont Know it. Cuz its school says they can't do anything until they see it


I have a friend who found out last year that her husband has been filming and recording her in her bathroom 24/7 for YEARS. She found the camera one day.


I work at a school and the teacher and principle of the student were on a phone call with the mother and they thought that they had hung up and they hadnt and said some derogatory things. the mom recorded it and is threatening to sue


When I was a stupid teen I made out with another girl at a party. After I found out one of the guys recorded it. Crap......


I recorded my mom abusing my little sister a few times... I used it to get custody of her


Work phone was bugged due to friendship with bosses daughter. I ended up fired because of what SHE said. Conflict of interest my a**!


My husband ,now x....tape recorded me confessing in marriage counseling, then played it to my parents


I take pictures and or videos of people eating all the time, very entertaining


Coworker recorded herself giving the boss man a bj and turned him in for harassment.


I recorded my daughters father crushing and snorting up prescription pills in the bathroom on a supervised visit with our 3 year old. I used it in court against him.


An acquaintance was recorded by her now ex husband performing an act in the car. He distributed it amongst his Muslim male friends...ruined her reputation for more potential suitors in Utah.


My friend found out she was pregnant after her best guy friends took video tape to her mom of them raping her after she was drugged.