They jumped my fence kicked in my back door broke into my storage room stole my guns and cameras. It was around noon in cottonwood heights.


Less than 2 weeks ago in West Jordan, my parents house was broken into with my sister in the basement! Luckily, she set the alarm 10 minutes prior and it scared them off. Our neighborhood has had several break ins. Luckily my sister was safe and nothing was taken


Recent breakin at our house in Washington terrace. The whole neighborhood and those around have been hit multiple times in the last three months.


My neighbors house was broken into last Thursday (we live near Jordan valley hospital). They came in through the back door and stole cash, jewelry and a hand gun.... I think we need to get a dog for the backyard!!


Live in syracuse a block from a church house was broken into they stole guns jewelry and a tv but not macbooks or dslr camera that were in plain view took my sons gameboy too


I am a teenager in the utah valley area. Recently while I was home alone and in the bathroom, I heard someone walking around. I made some noise and waited. When I got the courage to come out, the back door was wide open


About 2 months ago someone figured out our garage code and stole an expensive set of golf clubs. From Davis county


We have had a rash of auto and garage break ins up here in South Willard. They have a good description of a white or silver car with rear body damage. One credit card stolen was used at walmart and a gas station in burley idaho before that got it cancelled.


About 3 weeks ago in west Jordan my neighbor went inside with her purse, put it on the table by her back door and someone came in while she was upstairs and took it. She was home a total of 5 minutes. Scary!


My house was broken into last week in Lehi. Over six thousand dollars of electronics stolen. They also took my keys and drove off in my car


Orem, my husbands grandparents home was broken in to on Friday. Luckily they are moving so they didn't take much.


1 month ago, in lehi, my house was TRASHED. everything was flipped over, lost around 30,000 in gold, jewelry, and other rare items...


My brothers house last week broad daylight, Holladay area. They took mostly jewelry. My neighbors house also got broken into in broad daylight about 2 months ago, Millcreek area also took jewelry


west jordan some people broke into a neighbor's house and spend the night pretty much there left in the morning let the garage door open and took their car in a bunch of stuff from the house


We went to the dentist and while we were gone someone broke in through the basement window, broke a door, STOLE ALLL MY CLOTHES, all our electronics, and our jewelry. This happened exactly one day before school started. Salt lake city


My sister had a break in in her apartment. They kicked the front door in and broke the doorframe. It was a size 14 boot. She was pregnant and watching my nephew. She locked herself in the bathroom and called the cops. She screamed that the cops are coming and the guy ran off. Needless to say my nephew sat on the vanity playing his game it through the whole thing


We live in clinton, ut. It happened early in the morning. Recently married. Moved into the house a week and a half later we drove the truck that sits in the drive way most the time cause we normally car pool. We get home and our garage man door was kicked down. They stole our 60 inch tv, shotguns, our racing jackets, hoodies, Oakley sunglasses, a memory card with pictures of us on it. We now have a security system, cameras, and a German shepherd.