my friend with benefits didnt get my message I was coming over, when I knocked he put a rifle to my head

I was being served at a bank drive thru in chicago when a man ran into the bank and held it up at gun point.

When I was 17 my friend threw a snowball at a car and the guy turned around and pulled a gun and said "you don't know who your effin with"

owned my own coffee shop robbed 2 times at gun point hello sugar house. The 2nd time the guys tried to get away on BMX bikes.

one of my best friends found out I was sleeping with his ex girlfriend and pulled a gun on me at point blank range

robbed working at a tanning salon he served 5 years

I was 15 and a friend of a friend threatened me with a gun at party, arm fully extended and the gun pointed at me

weekend before my mission while camping my uncle pulled a gun on a guy because he wouldnt let my family get water from the spring. my Dad talked him down.

I had gun pointed to me twice in my life. I used to be a bank manager and my bank got robbed and I had gun pointed at that time

I travel for work and like to party hard. Sometimes it gets me in trouble had a gun pulled on me in Colombia, brazil, a Peruvian whore house

my ex would get drunk and hold his gun up to people. In a joking way, but it was still loaded and he was still drunk as could be! He's an ex for a reason.

A West Valley cop pointed a gun at me and made kneel thinking a was a thief getting away.

my step dad was robbed at gunpoint with a shotgun, the barrel was put against his chest!