Was in prison with a guy convicted of rape. Dude swore he was innocent. He ended up getting raped himself cuz of it. 4 yrs into his sentence he was cleared


A girl falsely accused my husband of rape when he was in high school because he wouldn't go out with her. So attractive!


My daughter accused me of raping her 10 years ago...luckily for me the police knew immediately she was making it up.


I know a family where the daughter accused her dad of molesting her because she was mad at him. After she admitted she lied the state is still pressing charges


my girlfriend's sister accused my best friend of rape because she was scared her fiancée would find out she cheated


I work for a local PD and young girls lie about being raped a lot because their parents find out they are sexually active and don’t want to face their parents.


There was a girl who accused a counselor and he really did it but then she accused a teacher a year later and lied. He lost his teaching license 


I had a friend who was a teacher that was accused of sexual assault. Turned out that the accuser who was a student of his lied 


half sister accused my father of abuse. Parents spent all their savings on lawyers. Sis said she did it because she was mad at my mom & wanted her to pay.


my boyfriend was accused of sexual assault by some girl back in high school people knew she was lying and he didn't get charged but he lost a lot of friends


stayed the night at my moms house after a party. Her drunk neighbor accused my fiance the next day and cops arrested him. After $5000 lawyer &court fees, he was innocent 


my father-in-law went on one date with a girl on new years eve. The kiss turned into a make out sesh and 10 years later she claimed he raped her.


my brothers best friend was falsley accused of molesting his step daughter he raised, he put a gun to his head and killed himself, she latter confessed