I always wanted to be dentist and while going through school I was told a billion times by teachers I couldn't do it. So I gave up.

My husband wanted to be a sports broadcaster and I told him that there was no money. Because I was scared that he wouldn't make it.

My dad told me I would never make it as a pro water skier. I became an accountant instead. I regret my decision to this day.

I wanted to be a singer. My 7th grade teacher yelled in front of entire school at a concert that I was the worst he had ever heard. I haven't sang

My Spanish teacher told me that I didn't get A's like my sisters so I should just stop trying. I never took a foreign language because of that.

my dad told me that i was to fat, slow, white , and fat again when i told him i was going to try out for the high school basketball team...so i never did

My math teacher told me to stay away from anything in the medical field because math wasn't my strength. My dream job was to become a nurse

I know it's going to sound lame, but i wanted to be a radio dj (you're my hero's) but my teachers told me that it was not a real job.

My biggest passion used to be art I loved drawing until my 7th grade our teacher told me and I quote "you're no good you should quit"