I went to church for a baby blessing and after the blessing a woman stood up to talk about church stuff (obviously I'm not much of a church goer) and She turned it into an AA meeting rambling on about her struggle with drugs and alcohol for 30 minutes. Get off the sauce lady, I'm trying to get some Jesus!

Ya my sister was speaking at my graduation party and started singing eye of the tiger (her ex boyfriends fav song)

Meryl Streep and Walt Disney going off on a tangent

At my sisters wedding the bishop marrying them started going off on his daughter's wedding in the middle of the ceremony ... WTF! We were like come on buddy get back on track

I was in a team meeting at work talking about work related stuff and then my boss started talking about the vibrator that her daughters internet boyfriend bought her

My husband constantly goes off topic in large groups. He can go from corporate production to embarrassing dating stories in a minute flat! Awkward!

I was at a wedding and the bishop was in the middle of the ceremony going on about him and his own wife and how long they've been together, then he starts talking about how he went to his 50 year high school reunion recently and found out a good friend of his from school had passed away and he had his yearbook with him and showed a picture of his dead friend at the wedding in the middle of the ceremony! So weird.

I watched an elementary teacher tell inappropriate stories about her x husband. The 4 th graders were completely shocked.

I was at a funeral my best friends dads, and his father went off on how accomplished his life was and didn't say anything about his own son who died

 Went to church with a friend and the pastor broke out on a confession about watching porn

On testimony sunday. A girl busted into tears in the middle of baring her testimony. She told us how she just got dumped. She went on for ten minutes crying

Best Sunday ever, a guy got up and told us his sperm count was zero ..... Awkward