My soon to be ex husband decided to post on FB within 10 minutes if us deciding to divorce that he was single again. I am not the type to put up anything drama related so no one knew we were even having issues. I didn't even get to tell my family before they saw it on FB

My ex boyfriend broke up with me in the middle of temple square in front of a crowd. Of course he had to bring up all the reasons why things weren't working.

When we got a divorce, my wife sent out an email to all our friends detailing some dirty laundry. Mind you it was selective laundry

My ex husbands affair became public when he had me arrested for assault. Which never happened and was proven in court.

Had an affair with a co-worker. His wife found out after it had ended and posted all the gory details on both his and my FB pages. So my spouse and every one we both work with across several states saw it.

My dirt became public on the Maury Povich Show 10 years ago. Biggest mistake ever

july 2013 my friend posted emails between my x wife and my cousins affair

Found out my husband cheated on me with an ex girlfriend whom hated me - I went into a rage and told his family and mine... Worst mistake of my life. We are working it out and happier than ever before but I regret it. Every. Day.

When I was prego last yr, my hubby was 3 hrs late picking me up from work. In that 3 hrs he posted a selfie on FB saying, "This is for all your damsel & distresses." So my hormonal butt commented, "Yeah? What about your pregnant wife?! You're always busy doing weed & ecstasy, but can't get me?!"...he's friends w/his boss. I deleted it after he got me.

A girl I went to school with got caught cheating by her husband. He logged on to her fb account, changed her password and her email address then Uploaded all of her (extremely Explicit)nude selfies for revenge. The best part was reading the comments from the grandparents, coworkers & her father.