I work for a Doctors office and we had a patient call because she had anal beads stuck in her bum. Ya, um no, we sent her to the ER

One time my friend was taken to the ER after playing truth and dare with boyfriend and had a carrot break off up "there". Had to have surgery.

My mom works at the hospital she's had tons of people come in from erections lasting longer than 4 hours because of Viagra

I went to hospital for sex. My bf at the time was allergic to latex and his penis swelled up while in me. I got ended up with a bad rash

I went to the ER right after my boyfriend and I had sex due to extremely bad abdominal pain; it turns out that he ruptured a cyst on my ovary

My husband and I were having sex and I have the IUD and somehow he knocked it out of place, it poked him and got stuck in s bad position hurting me and I had to get it surgically removed.

I just lockjaw while giving a BJ and had to go to the ER cause it would not go back into place. My dr giggled when I mumbled how it happened.

My brother in law broke his penis. Said it was very painful!
My friend got a magnet stuck inside her.. One in the back one in the front! Yikes!

First job in college was receptionist at univ. Hospital...and a guy came in with an Electrolux handheld vacuum stuck to him!!!

Was working as a nursing student in the ER... Guy came in with an apple stuck up his bum. He was trying things out without his wife

My brother works at the hospital and he showed me a picture of a x-ray and a guy put a shake weight up his bum

I work in same day surgery and the same 80 yr old man has came in two different times for surgery- once shampoo bottle and second zucchini.