I tried selling a wedding dress on ksl. Someone tried to scam me and I caught on. They weren't happy and threatened they were watching me and they would come kill me and all my family if I didn't do what they said.

My horror story with Facebook is.... My ex boyfriend listed my phone number on Craigslist for free stuff. Couches, table, washer and dryer. I work up to hundreds of texts and calls. I had so many people calling me and texting me I had to shut down my service for the day. Screw you shane:)

We sold our car on ksl, the day after they were calling and texting non stop asking to buy it back because it wasn't sound proof! They said they were worried sick!

I build customs cabinets and so I was selling a custom jewelry box on KSL and had a person contact me from Texas saying they wanted to buy it they would send me the check and pay for the shipping turns out it was a fake check and a scam police needed to be involved and they kept bothering me for a month for their check

Posted an ad for a free dog. Got it a new home and a crazy lady was trying to tell me and the new owners that I stole get dog. She harassed me for a week

I also had a guy get my number off an ad and start texting me and sending me pictures of him stuff. It was creepy.

I went to buy an I pad in south ogden and the house was extremely sketchy so we just stood kind of far from the door and the guy comes out and says come in my yard. He said follow me in a violent threatening tone and reached for something under his shirt so we did and everyone back there was shooting up and doing drugs. He pulled the gun out and said I'll effin kill you if you say a word. We told him we didn't want the I pad and took off.

My uncle is from Minneapolis him and five friends flew in to slc to go to Park city for the week They had rented a house through craigslist. They show up to the house and it's an actual residence. The owner came out and asked her her could help them all. The owner told them that they had been scammed and this has happened a couple other times. They were out a plane ticket and a hotel.

I trade a bird for an iPad, apparently the kid stole the iPad from his grandpa and the next day his mom texted me calling me names and being very rude. I ended up trading back.