I was at a pub in Monterey when a girl randomly bit me on the street apparently she was in a live action role playing game and she was a vampire


 a few years ago a friend of mine was being really loud at a party so I put my hand over his mouth. He chomped down on my hand 


My grandma told us this story of her getting into a fight in Samoa, and she bites the other woman's ear off.


my dad was in a fight with some guy my dad bit the guys hand and almost took off the thumb


a friends father bit off an ear of a trespasser on his property. The guy would not leave, a fight started and the dad bit off an ear. Then swallowed


I bit my boyfriend on the shoulder because he got wasted when we had plans to go out with friends.


I bit an ex-boyfriend once. We were playing a video game and he reached over to hug me to say he was sorry for killing my character. 


My best friend bit off the tip of my other friends finger during a drunken fight....


when I was in high school a teacher bit me on the arm after I had said bite me. He left a huge bruise.


I was bit by a shoplifter on my chest while on break at a grocery store I worked at


 I bit my labor and delivery nurse! ??


my hubby works for adults with mental disabilities. He's been bitten many times and had to go to instacare