Waiting for trax this way hot girl walks up to me and asks to use my phone. Said she left hers on the train. She calls and it rang in her pocket. Good friends today :) score!


A stranger at the airport asked to use my phone to call his wife in another country to tell her he arrived safely I told him no and he said Americans are rude I told him no we just don't loan our phones to strangers to make long distance calls in other countries


I had a guy ask to borrow my phone at usu. this kid was planning on putting his number in my phone, but when I gave it to him there was a picture of me and my boyfriend on the back ground. Then it was real awkward when he saw that he just gave me my phone back and walked away


I am receptionist and a customer of ours asked to borrow my cell phone. There were tons of phones around us but he wanted to use my phone. I kept decling but he insisted I had to get my manager involved because he wouldn't listen. Lol creep


I was in the gym locker room and this kid was in there with just a towel on asking if he could use my phone because he locked his key in the locker


Had a total stranger come up to me in a grocery store parking lot in MAGNA. I asked for what, believe it or not she was going to call her drug supplier cause he was running late!! I about died!!!


I was pulling into the parking lot of Dees around 11pm and a kid in his early 20 ask to use my phone. He was in a suit top and Jean shorts with flip flops. He called a friend letting them know he has been waiting for them for over and hour in same spot. They didn't answer. He was still their when we left.


My 14 yr old daughter was walking home had 2 guys in a vehicle pull over and ask to use her cell phone, she let them they left, circled around, came back and robbed her....didn't take her phone just her wallet...POS


My buddies and I were paintballing in the woods and this lady shows up out of no where wearing no shoes and missing all her teeth. She asked to use our phone. She made a call and we asked her if she needed help and she walked off. We learned later she and her hippy buddies had a camp set up there to avoid the government.


I went to a gas station and a guy in the parking lot said he just got out of jail and he needed to borrow my phone to call his PO