I was shopping for a new car and stopped into dealership When I walked in and the salesman came up to me, he asked does your husband know you're here?

Company meeting I asked if it's possible to take time off w/o pay for my kids' events? Older man said, "We used to solve that problem by not hiring women."

When I was 19 I used to work at the shoe department and when we brought guys shoes older men in particular we had to get this you ready and put it on their foot which made you have to get down on your knees or crouch in some way so while I was down on my knees in front of an 87 year old man he said hey while you're down there and just chuckled it took everything I had not punch him in his junk

I ran into a guy I knew over 20 years ago (and never liked). I have gained some weight since them. He looked at me and asked...what happened to you. You use to be hot! I told him I still was. There was just more of me to love.

So I go to school at a University and like most places parking is a joke, one day I was waiting for a parking stall when a man came and tried To take my stall I told into the stall not letting him still that's all I have been waiting for he proceeded to get out of his car broke down on my window and tell me women didn't deserve an education let alone a parking stall

I applied for a job with a gas station. After going through both interviews the manager said "we don't typically hire men, so good luck" needless to say, I didn't get the job

There is a car dealership, if you are female the boss will not hire you because a woman's place is not selling cars regardless of how well your resume looks. He tells you in the interview that your place is in the home not in his dealership

Once when I was about to draw blood on an adult male, I put the tourniquet on and I was looking for a vein. The guy said not finding a vein? I've got a vein for you. I looked at him and I said pull out your vein!! I will push this needle straight through the vein you're talking about!!!! The man looked at me with disgust and left. The doctor asked me if I drew his blood, I told him no he said he needed to leave.

I had a problem with our employees. I had to help run my husbands company for him while he was gone and because of that we lost a lot of employees because they didn't want to work for a woman. Since then we've never hired back after my husband returned in which they returned asking for their jobs back.

My high school principal said to me during senior yearbook signing " mother should stay at home with their children"

I'm a female mechanic sexist comments are a daily routine

Female attorney in Utah- oh the stories I could tell. Law school classmate told me I could join his firm and when I get married my husband can take my spot.

I worked at a car place and I would get my butt smacked almost everyday. I would work under the hoods and men would come out and tell me that I shouldn't be doing this and would watch over my shoulder as I worked