If you leave a balance of under $25 on your Verizon account, it won't go past due, despite what they'll tell you. When I'm low on cash I will pay all but


Worked for a collections attorney. He had a wall of shame for ridiculous letters he would receive and passed them around the office


 they make us make it sound more urgent then it actually is, like if they don't do it today, then they will be penalized


I worked for a local quick loan and we would actually go to people's houses if we couldn't get a hold of them. Used to terrify me that someone would freak out on me


it's all a big mind game and you can bet that if the debtor is crying there are a handful of collectors on the other end listening and laughing.


if it's the end of the month you are going to get a better settlement. Most of the time the collector is trying to make a quota


I get in trouble because I'm too nice and try to help out to much. It's not customer service, it's collecting