i work as a legal secretary for 17 years. Attorneys are not as smart as you think they are. its their support staff that makes them look smart.

I have a friend that is a divorce attorney, and has discounted or traded his services for sexual favors on multiple occasions! I should have gone to law

I would never refer anyone I know to have a case handled by the attorney I work under. She misses deadlines and is rarely present.

I work at a lawfirm and the 19 year old receptionist is sleeping with the 40 year old attorney who has kids practically her age

I'm a paralegal at a lawfirm and I've never experienced more sexual harassment in my life than I have at the firm..from my boss

I have been a criminal defense attorney for 20 years. I have done cases from Capital murder to shoplift. Sexy women get more breaks. They are less to be arrested, charged or convicted.