My father in law is a salesman. He will go into the SUVs and take naps almost every afternoon

doc fees at dealership are not mandated by state. Dealers can waive the fee upon demand. I own a dealership and know this is fact.

I have given women over five grand off of their vehicles for sexual advantages during test drives. I work for a BMW dealership--I'm the guy who works at BMW you should add I test drive the women as they test drive my beemers

My brother is a car salesman and now a finance manager. He loves manipulating people and brags about it all the time. He makes up prices for warranties

i was on a test drive with a really pretty girl when she offered a b.j. for a discount on the car. I took her offer and didn't give her a discount.

I work in the auto industry lets just say if a few contracts aren't signed and the customer lives too far .. We have our ways of getting them signed

my dad used to own a car lot and I remember he would pull the fuse out on some of the cars that he drove around a lot so they wouldn't rack up miles

my husband works at a car dealership and if a hot girl comes in they hook her up with a better deal

I used to work as car sales we would leave you sitting if you had bad credit so we could come out and give a bad offer so you would leave