Can of pledge up the bum. He said "he sat down on accident and the can was there"


My cousin has a lady come in with a rubber ducky up her butt. She supposedly fell on it in the shower. Perfect aim


22 q tips up a man's member. He said he was a drunk and it was a dare.


"vacuuming his car in his boxers, and the hose slipped"


A corn cob. Said he "fell while gardening naked"


patient that her and her friend decided to have a drunken bet with a beer bottle


I work in a nursing home and an elderly women lost her tooth brush in her whohaa! Said she had an itch and was getting it


A corn Cobb holder stuck up a ladies rectum. She said she swallowed it!!! Right?


A man came into the emergency room with a light bulb full size light bulb up his rear end and he just had to say I have no excuse don't ask!