I am on a dating site and after going on a few dates, I feel like no one is using a current pic. Frustrating.

I am an office manager for a Real Estate company and they are the WORST at updating pictures!

I work with someone but we are not in the same office- but we work closely. We have pictures on our Gmail Chat, and the lady I work with picture is at least 15 years old! She hadn't seen me in person yet, and had the nerve to ask me how old my chat picture was as I look 'so YOUNG!' I let her know it was taken 2 years ago-- at my 21st birthday

My uncle is on a dating site and he is 43 years old and is using a picture of him when he was on the track team in 9th grade and he has gained weight and lost hair and looks nothing like it.

A coworker is 50 year old, overweight balding gay man. All of his pictures on Facebook are from when he was in his 30's. Looks nothing like he looks now!

My moms Facebook pic is her and my sister when she was 2. My sister turned 34 yesterday. Lol

A friend posts a picture to online dating site of her 15bs skinner ... And she wonders why she can't get a second date!!!

I know someone who still uses their graduation glam picture from high school on her fb. She has now had a kid, is much larger know size and it's been 8 years!

I've been friends with a girl for 8 years. She's a bigger girl but she posts old pictures of herself from when she was skinny. She's at least 100 or more lbs heavier now than in the pictures. I've never even seen her thin!!

I met this guy from online I was sitting in a booth at a restaurant when he showed up to the date for our first meeting... He was in a wheelchair. I felt like a douche because I was in a booth without access and never saw a wheel chair pic on his profile

My ex uses pics when she used to model. However, this was 10 yrs ago. Since then she had 4 kids and the last one being this past Jan. Looks totally different!

My mom. :) hahah she is in her 40s but still has a picture of her when she was 25. I call her out on it all the time but she doesn't care.

my sister uses a picture of her in high school and she is now 50

My boss sends out a quarterly newsletter and in the picture he has a full head of hair and now he's completely bald and has been for at least 10 years
At byu was texting this girl. Sent me pics went to meet her. Saw her from afar. Totally different girl. Turned around and left

This guy had his profile picture from his wedding in his tux on a dating website, from 25 years earlier... umm there's a reason why he is 53 single and a bout 150 pounds more?? Be yourself people.... lol

My mom! She uses a 10 year old picture where she looked awesome. but since alcoholism git the of her she is even missing teeth and got drunk and shave her head

My cousin uses old pics ALL the time for facebook to meet guys.. until they see her in person. They are like "uh, no thank you"

Our mean Grandma changed her pic after her divorce couple years back to a young black and white photo. I make sure and tag her in all my recent photos just to stick it to her. Grow up grandma.

I know a woman who has a picture from highschool as her profile picture. She doesn't have any current pictures of herself on her Facebook account

My Facebook pic is 8 years old, but I hardly post anything and I never take pics of myself so I can't really update it.
My roommate is on tinder and she has some older skinnier pictures of herself so she gets a lot of right swipes but never gets a second date... Hmmm wonder why?